About UKFC

Club History

The Umgeni Kayak Fishing Club was established 7 years ago to provide a platform for kayak fisherman to become part of a social kayak fishing club. It consisted of only a few members as a small social club during the first couple of years with no formal structure. At the beginning of 2011 it was decided that there was a demand for a structured club setup, hence the founding members along with the support of key club sponsors embarked on a huge rally to get the club established and running a lot more successfully.

The kayak fishing club scene has since become a big talking point amongst enthusiastic fishermen and has spurred on a rejuvenation of a lot of structures within the sport.

Typical structures within the sport of kayak fishing which have been pioneered by the UKFC together with “rival” clubs, sponsors and industry partners are:

  • SAKFA (South African Kayak Fishing Association): which is a registered body acting as the constitution of the sport of kayak fishing in an effort to continually improve the sport of Kayak Fishing by working closely with Kayak Fishermen (and women) and authorities. (www.sakfa.co.za)
  • Competitive kayak fishing: the UKFC have been responsible of hosting one of South Africa’s biggest Kayak Fishing events each year as well as promoting competitive kayak fishing which will hopefully grow to a national and international level.

Club Facilities and Location

In 2016 we joined with Umhlanga ski boat club. Address: 75 Twilight Drive. We have clinics there and they have lovely facilities such as a pool, restaurant, bar, squash court and tractor to launch your boat.


 The club committee for 2016 is

  • Julian Dalton (chairman)
  • Jacques Du Plessis
  • Brett Challenor
  • Scott Hunter
  • Quinn Hill
  • Markus Potgieter
  • Wayne Biljoen,
  • Jonty Dobrowsky
  • Trenton Lamble
  • Cameron Johnston
  • Kelly Biljoen

Annual Competition

We host our annual “UKFC Kayak Fishing Festival” which for the last 2 years has been a huge success. Each year we have managed to top the entries, providing participants with excellent prize.

Annual Fishing Trip

This year the annual fishing trip will be to Techobanine Mozambique over November when the gamefish should be present.  Hosted by Stealth Kayaks this is an event not to be missed.

Club Sponsors

 The UKFC are fortunate enough to have received continues support from various retailers, manufacturers and suppliers over the last couple of years with specific thanks to our full time club sponsors: Stealth Kayak Fishing, Basil Manning, iFish, Assassin JDB Braid, The Kingfisher and Waterman

Who Can Join?

Anyone can join the UKFC should they want to become part of the club environment, in fact it will become compulsory to join a SAKFA affiliated kayak fishing club in the near future to manage and enforce the necessary maritime safety, avoiding the risk of exposing the kayak fisherman to lose the freedom associated with the nature of the sport.

The UKFC has over 100 members who have joined since 2011 and is growing every month. We also boast with some of South Africa’s top anglers amongst our members who are always keen in sharing their knowledge with newcomers to kayak fishing.

How to Join?

Contact us by e-mail: ukfc11@gmail.com or download your application form our website where lots more information is available including a picture gallery, club news, a live chat with fellow members as well as a forum where all your questions can be answered! So logon and register and share!

The annual club subscription is R300 per year, which includes R75 for your annual SAKFA membership and SAKFA number. These club subscriptions run from January (or when you join) to December each year and will need to be renewed every year towards the end of December for the following year.

We also have a Facebook page where you can check out general club news, pictures etc. Just search for UKFC (Umgeni Kayak Fishing Club) and become a fan.