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About UKFC – UKFC – Umgeni Kayak Fishing Club

About UKFC

Club History

The Umgeni Kayak Fishing Club was established 9 years ago to provide a platform for kayak fisherman to become part of a social kayak fishing club. It consisted of only a few members as a small social club during the first couple of years with no formal structure. At the beginning of 2011 it was decided that there was a demand for a structured club setup, hence the founding members along with the support of key club sponsors embarked on a huge rally to get the club established and running a lot more successfully.

The kayak fishing club scene has since become a big talking point amongst enthusiastic fishermen and has spurred on a rejuvenation of a lot of structures within the sport.

Typical structures within the sport of kayak fishing which have been pioneered by the UKFC together with “rival” clubs, sponsors and industry partners are:

  • SAKFA (South African Kayak Fishing Association): which is a registered body acting as the constitution of the sport of kayak fishing in an effort to continually improve the sport of Kayak Fishing by working closely with Kayak Fishermen (and women) and authorities. (www.sakfa.co.za)
  • Competitive kayak fishing: the UKFC have been responsible of hosting one of South Africa’s biggest Kayak Fishing events each year as well as promoting competitive kayak fishing which will hopefully grow to a national and international level.

Club Facilities and Location

In 2016 we joined with Umhlanga ski boat club. Address: 75 Twilight Drive. We have clinics there and they have lovely facilities such as a pool, restaurant, bar, squash court and tractor to launch your boat.


 The club committee for 2021 is

  • Chairman – Jamie Wardell
  • Vice Chairman – Grant Dekker
  • Treasurer – Jacques Du Plessis
  • Storm Dalton
  • Brad Carr
  •  Brett Challenor
  • Quinn Hill
  • Julian Dalton
  • Scott Hunter
  • Country Officer (Zululand) – Jannie Booysen

Annual Competition

We host our annual “UKFC Kayak Fishing Festival” which for the last 4 years has been a huge success. Each year we have managed to top the entries, providing participants with excellent prize.

Club Sponsors

 The UKFC are fortunate enough to have received continues support from various retailers, manufacturers and suppliers over the last couple of years with specific thanks to our full time club sponsors: Wardell Wealth, Sox Lures, Stealth Kayak Fishing, Basil Manning, The Kingfisher, Reel Service Durban and Waterman

Who Can Join?

Anyone can join the UKFC should they want to become part of the club environment, in fact it will become compulsory to join a SAKFA affiliated kayak fishing club in the near future to manage and enforce the necessary maritime safety, avoiding the risk of exposing the kayak fisherman to lose the freedom associated with the nature of the sport.

The UKFC has over 200 members who have joined since 2011 and is growing every month. We also boast with some of South Africa’s top anglers amongst our members who are always keen in sharing their knowledge with newcomers to kayak fishing.

How to Join?

Contact us by e-mail: ukfc11@gmail.com or complete your application form our website where lots more information is available including a picture gallery, club news, a live chat with fellow members as well as a forum where all your questions can be answered! So logon and register and share!

The annual club subscription is R350 per year, which includes your annual SAKFA membership and SAKFA number. These club subscriptions run from January (or when you join) to December each year and will need to be renewed every year towards the end of December for the following year.

We also have a Facebook page where you can check out general club news, pictures etc. Just search for UKFC (Umgeni Kayak Fishing Club) and become a fan.

UKFC Whatsapp Group Policy

The UKFC Whatsapp group is an intellectual Kayak fishing group of club members. We aspire to
inform each other and communicate together on Kayak fishing topics and club matters.
We have created this group only for UKFC related discussions and its related activities. Please stick
to the guidelines below. Irrelevant content does not belong here.

Use of photos posted by the members on this group are strictly the property of the person posting the photo and the use thereof should be at that person’s discretion. However UKFC has the right to use members pictures posted on the UKFC whatsapp group for whatever reason they feel need be without giving any compensation to the owner of the pictures and without having to ask for permission to use them.

  • Please post only relevant and useful information to the group. (We encourage this)
  • Individual chatting, wishes etc. should be avoided in group.
  • General jokes, videos, cartoons and memes should be avoided.
  • Good morning/night messages are irrelevant.
  • Please don’t post about race, religion, political parties or hate speech because indirectly we may hurt others.
  • If you do not like or have objection on any post, express it one to one or advise admin.
  • Do not criticise other members in the group.
  • No Porn/nudity will be tolerated.
  • No racism will be tolerated.
  • No inappropriate, defamatory, insulting posting to this group.

We will start taking the following actions on the offending incidents:

  • 1st time offenders will be warned.
  • Subsequent offenders will be removed and added back after a written apology to UKFC
    committee and effected members.
  • Repeat offenders will be removed permanently.

*These rules will keep the UKFC Whatsapp Group functioning like it was intended. It is crucial for all
of us to follow these rules and make UKFC a better, focused and organized place to share kayak
fishing topics and work for the upliftment of our club.
The reasons for these rules are that Whatsapp group admins (UKFC) could be held liable for
members’ offensive posts.

The creators, admins and officials of this UKFC Whatsapp(TM) group are not and will not be held
responsible for any content on this group which is deemed to be inappropriate, defamatory,
insulting, and incorrect or in any other way legally actionable. This includes content which may be
racially offensive or of a sexually offensive nature. We hereby indemnify and distance ourselves from
such content. We are ultimately not responsible for content posted by users without our prior
consent or permission or approval. Users are responsible for their own conduct and the content
which they post. By voluntarily entering this group and by not removing yourself from this group you
place yourself under the posted rules and guidelines of this group regularly posted by the admins
and officials of this group. You should also be aware that it is not possible to remove content from
this group once it has been posted. Whatsapp(TM) does NOT give administrators of this group the
ability to remove offensive content and you hereby agree that the administrators are not
responsible for such content posted by the Users. Users who transgress the stated rules of this group
will be removed as soon as humanly possible (or as soon as it is brought to our attention). You
should not take anything you see or hear or read on this group as legal advice or professional
guidance. You should verify any information given here for yourself first before acting on it. This
group exists for information purposes only. These terms are not negotiable and by remaining a
member of this group you agree to such terms. If you do not agree please exit the group
immediately. Thank you for your kind attention.

UKFC Grandslam Rules

First Prize :The UKFC GRANDSLAM Floating trophy with your name and year engraved on it. This can be kept for a year and to be handed back for the following year’s winner.

Including various other sponsor prizes.

Competition start date: 1 January
Competition closing date: 31st December

Paid up members may enter only. (You have to have paid your subs for for the relevant year to submit entries) There is NO entry fee for this competition.

Fish species included in competition:

No. Species   Compulsory release Points allocation Release points
1 King Mackerel – Couta No Points per fish weight
2 Queen Mackerel – Natal Snoek No Points per fish weight 6.5
3 King fish –Any species of the kingfish family
Minimum size 50cm
Yes 5 Only measure GT and Blacktip get weight conversion points, measure as per Fork Length Measurement.
4 Billfish Yes 30
5 Any fresh water species –Minimum size 30cm No 20
6 Dorado No Points per fish weight 7.5
7 Wahoo No Points per fish weight
8 Tuna No Points per fish weight 15
9 Garrick Yes 10
10 Queen fish Yes 10
11 Club Beach Clean up 5

Measurement of fish:
Measurements of fish will only be accepted with a Tape Measure ONLY.
No other objects will be accepted to measure fish.

Video evidence needs to be provided with the following information in order to qualify the entry into the competition:
a. Your Name and Surname 
b. Fish Species name
d. Fork Length Measurement. Fish to be measured from the tip of the top jaw to the centre of the fork in the tail in centimetres.
e. Video to indicate start of the tape measure and track the tape measure down the fish to the fork in the tail then zoom out for the entire fish including the tape measure.
f. Tape measure must not be slack

Upgrade points:

1 fish per species to count, but can be upgraded with heavier fish during the year long competition.

Multiplication rule:

Total points work on a species multiplication. i.e.  5 species caught x total weight = total points


Videos will be adjudicated by the UKFC committee in accordance to their fair judgements. UKFC have the right to adjust the measurement points if the rules are not adhered to i.e. slack tape measures or not measuring correctly.

The UKFC committee has the right to adjust these rules.

Your video submissions must be submitted within 1 week of you catching the fish!

You need to be a paid up member before catching your Grand slam entry fish – you cannot catch your Grand slam entry fish and then become a UKFC member and expect the fish to qualify.

Your fish has to be caught off a Kayak in order for you to enter it into the UKFC Grandslam.

Video entry for bill fish must show billfish in control with one hand on bill stating the same information as standard entry. UKFC Grand slam year, Name and Surname, species.  

NB Billfish do not have to be measured.

No mauled, damaged or taxed fish will count for entry into the UKFC Grandslam.